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Consumers, with the availability of smart technology in handheld personal devices, have unprecedented access to product and purchasing information, which makes the competition for their dollars increasingly difficult. 


Opportunities for retailers at their stores with interactive fitting rooms. Developments in retail technology are offering the potential to boost sales with targeted add-ons. 

Hybrid Signage

How Affordable, Dynamic Marketing Campaigns Can Integrate Print and Digital Signage.


Beautiful things aren’t always fragile. The new METi Digital Table from media mea looks like a work of art, but has an industrial heart - designed, engineered and manufactured to handle all the bumps, knocks and spills that are part of busy retail and public settings. 


Put a bright, full HD 47-inch interactive display totem in the middle of the action to help people look-up information, get directions and learn about promotions and offers.

Enhancing audience engagement nowadays is critical, because engaged users are more likely to trust a specific brand. They often pass through the same route or location on their way to work in the morning, back home in the evening or throughout the weekend.

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