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Welcome to media mea's Digital Advertising Services. Besides our digital signage solutions we provide, we also offer digital advertising and media selling through our partner agency CASS; with a complete range of programmatic advertising services throughout the world. Our focus is on indoor and outdoor Programmatic DOOH serving our clientele with media inventories in strategic locations including transit. Our media and networks are conveniently located to exhibit effective advertising powered by specific Ai tools to deliver the right content to the right audience and at the right time. These DOOH locations have the power to measure the audience and engage with them through different partner solutions (BoardActive & AdMobilize) in connecting the consumer to the Brand.


LED Billboard


Digital Out-of-Home is the way now for every brand striving for the same share of dwindling attention spans. With CASS Programmatic solutions combine real-time data with deep customer insights and Ai-powered bidding to deliver a more meaningful experience to consumers. By leaning in on automation, programmatic solutions remove the need for campaign babysitting and free real, human strategists to implement deep learning-informed decisions about targeting and distribution in order to put the brand’s message in front of the audience who is ready to convert.



Programmatic campaign success relies on the strongest ad inventory, and richest data repositories available. Our inventory, and data networks are made up of the top providers in the world, which helps bring the utmost precision to your targeting, and best positioning to your brand.

In addition to our core inventory partners we work with networks, and publishers and offer programmatic direct, and private marketplace inventory access. Custom audience development through third-party data onboarding is also available.

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