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Our Bespoke "media mea" name is derived from the historic Latin language which means "My Own Media". This is surely a commitment to the customized solution and dedicated perseverance we provide to our clientele.

Added Value Solutions

Embed Signage Content Management & Analytics Software

Embed Signage is media mea's cloud base Content Management Solution along with its Analytics Digital add-ons from AdMobilize. Our Content Management Solution can publish digital signage content to an unlimited number of registered, compatible devices while providing the tools needed in order to deliver needed content for each running Ad or information on the screen. Embed Signage is compatible with Mac, PC, Android, iOS, and other player devices like BrighSign which means you can choose from a range of players suitable for your digital signage needs. Push content to tablets, MEV video walls and other media mea screens and touch displays can be managed using Embed Signage. Create multiple pages and specify zones interactions such as opening a web page or image jumping to new content, recording touch analytics and tracking how many times the content has been interacting with. With Analytics embedded in it, you can determine impression frequency and understand the amount of time traffic has been exposed to the same message. Using Embed Signage’s open API, you can trigger specific messages from your content inventory based on the number of times a consumer has already seen your message. 

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Social Media App

Display your social media interactions on-site in real time. Show the world what you love about your customers and what your customers love about you. media mea Social empowered by Seenspire enables you to create, moderate and display your social media channel. Supercharge your display communications and online marketing. Shine the Spotlight on your biggest fans. Our solution enables you to create your own social media channel with live updates, images and videos. Create your channel from scratch in five easy steps and up to 100 displays. Picture your social media wall featuring hand-picked, user-generated content. Now picture that channel playing on your digital signage, consistently replenished with fresh material. People nearby stop and stare. Some eagerly wait for their moment of fame. They’re experiencing your brand in a new way: through real stories about real people. Use hashtag campaigns not only to increase online traffic, but also foot traffic near your physical site. Set your custom channel to include your hashtag and fuel new conversations as they happen. For each feed you add to your channel, you are in control. Choose between manually approving and automatically publishing posts. Seek out your audience’s favorite influences and trusted media sources on social media, and add them to your channel. Choose from our animated layout styles and customize settings to brand your favorite design. With our designs available in both landscape and portrait options, your content will always appear visually appealing and easy on the eyes—no clutter, no chaos. Enjoy the freedom to customize your channel and handpick content without the headaches of managing complexities from the back end. Set up your channel in five minutes or less. Read more.

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