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Global Integration in Digital Displays


media mea helps integrator's globally maximize their exposure with digital displays and content broadcasting. Thanks to the Internet and digital image technology, you can enjoy faster, more effective and dynamic media campaigns.

Where is Digital Signage within the Printing Industry

While printing will always be a factor in marketing and advertising, digital displays are gradually eliminating traditional print displays by facilitating content distribution instantly to remote media locations. While printing requires design, print, and physical distribution, digital signage take advantage of the internet for lightening fast distribution. Unless digital printing is integrated with Digital Signage as a "Hybrid" sign, it will serve advertising campaigns at a stronger exposure then ever. This trend is gaining more momentum specifically in North America while keeping printers at a steady work flow by integrating Digital Signage on every printed POS and large billboard in order to elaborate a stronger branding and a better added value with dynamic content.

Delivering content on time

You will have no obstacles preventing you from broadcasting your message instantly. Content is delivered simultaneously on a set schedule to all locations while each media-targeted location maintains its own set of peripherals that localize content for regional markets. In addition, you will be able to engage with your audience and measure their dwelling and reactions.


media mea has the tools and the ingenuity to get your message out there through a collaborated partnership with several international content management software developers, giving you the option and tools for delivering your message efficiently and effectively. 

Interactive Digital Signage

In retail, let the screen do the selling, even outside opening hours. Give your customers the best possible service - Even when you're not around! Showcase your products in the storefront window 24 hours a day with optimal reliability, consistency and informational or just place an online fed display in your shop window so those passing by can get the information they want immediately and get enticed to enter the store.

Our all in one combination of content, software and hardware generates new sales openings, gives customers background information and links your company and products to positive emotions.

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